Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Blank Slate

A blank page can be inspiring. A blank blog page can be filled with anything (though hopefully an honest anything).

A blank house can also be inspiring. This past week I've been daydreaming about some lofts I see going up in DC - the Foundry Lofts in SouthEast DC, near National's Stadium and The Yards Park and Riverwalk Trail and the Trapeze School. Sigh.

I reluctantly woke up from the daydream when I saw prices for comparable lofts in DC. My dream of urban simplicity within walking/metro distance of everything is an expensive dream. Besides, I do have these other people in my life who aren't thrilled about uprooting themselves. One child was philosophical: "Could you please wait until I graduate from high school?"

Maybe it's a symptom of mid-life crisis. Others fall in love with someone other than their spouse, throwing away their old life in the belief that a new partner will magically give them what they fail to "get" with the partner and life they chose in youth. Me, I'm seduced by the idea that a new home would stay as pristine and elegant as the marketing glossies.

Yeah, right.

Back to my boxes. The good thing is that I've filled up the box shelf, and we've started in on scanning the contents of book boxes.

I have grand plans for the weekend and will report back when it is over!

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