Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Only 281 boxes to go...

My youngest daughter and I (finally!) got started on the boxes today.

I created labels in powerpoint - 5 per page. Each label indicates the priority, the box number, a description, when the box is from (if known), and who "owns" the contents of the box. A separate log sheet has columns for each of these as well as "where" so I can find the boxes in future.

I decided on three priorities:

1) Urgent - something that has to be gone through soon (like a box of papers that were recently swept from the dining room table to 'tidy up' for company)

2) Easy to deal with (like a box of similar items - books or games or electrical cables or ...)

3) Hard to deal with and not urgent (like random papers that someone other than me has been hauling around for decades)

Turned out the first boxes it made sense to label were filled with my husband's games. These are priority 2 (like items - easy for someone to go through but not urgent). We've already dedicated a particular room in the basement as the "Game Room," so there's even a logical space to put them. Since these are items belonging to my husband, my job is now done (for these boxes).

Would they were all going to be this easy...

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