Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Three down - a tale

I've been sick this past weekend - a night-time stay in the clinic for what turned out to be simple stomach flu followed the next day by sore throat.

Last night I felt well enough to sit up, and my husband brought me some boxes to "kill."

Box number one was full of "things" in good shape. In a few minutes I'd determined the only thing I wanted to keep was a medal from a marathon I ran in 2002. The rest went into the donate bin.

Box number two was full of mail and papers from 2005. Most of that went into the shred or recycle piles, though I have a daughter who adores crafts and another who adores food, so about 3 inches of magazines got saved out for them to consider.

Box number three was full of random books cleared from living room surfaces years ago. Took out my wand scanner, swiped the covers of all the actual books, put coloring books aside for trash or donate, and gave the box a label.

It didn't take much time to kill these boxes, which was good. More box killing tomorrow...

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