Tuesday, October 12, 2010

And the results are...

So now we know what the boxes contain.

Dang, that's a lot of paper!!! At 15 pounds per box, that's 1650 pounds of paper for the miscellaneous paper-filled boxes alone.

I'm so glad I decided to box the stuff up and label it without trying to do each box as I came to it. Boxes of random stuff and/or boxes of books I can deal with. But those boxes of paper would have stopped me in my tracks without fail.

If you're noticing the dates on my posts, let me explain the several-week break. Two things interrupted progress since August: other person A and other person B.

Other person A is a friend who needed a place to stay. That was actually cool - getting the clutter organized and boxed has freed up space so we can help folks out that way. It's been a bit more involved than merely cutting an extra copy of a key, but in the end I'd rather have spent that time helping someone than plowing through boxes.

Other person B is a family member who saw the expanse of empty space and filled it with game boxes. That's not been all bad, though, because person B was inspired to sort the games into:

1) trash,
2) give away,
3) sell,
4) archive, and
5) display for easy access.

The total volume of games is going from ~200 cubic feet to ~75 cubic feet, with many people the happy recipients of new-to-them games. There are several piles of game boxes yet, but the selling/donating process is actively continuing.

Next time I'll post a bit about the dream that keeps me motivated to keep moving forward on this decluttering journey.

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