Monday, October 25, 2010

What to do with hangers?

Part of the challenge of getting rid of things is knowing *how* to get rid of things. Though these hangers hadn't yet filled a box, they were clogging up our closets.

They don't look like much in this picture, because this hanger rack stores them so neatly, but that's 109 hangers. Picture them with the paper and foam and stuff from the dry cleaners, and they took up a lot more space.

I was able to cut through the paper-covering on the hangers and quickly pull the paper off each end. For the hangers with cardboard (ones used for pants or folded sweaters) it was an easy matter to pop off the cardboard.

As for the wire hangers covered with foam [for hanging dresses/shirts/sweaters that might slide off] I've kept the foam. I understand you can re-use the foam on plastic hangers (recommended because they help clothes keep their shape better than wire hangers.

So there's one box prevented from ever coming into being in the first place. Hooray!

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