Thursday, October 28, 2010

Letting go (and making money)

My beloved has performed a major purge of his games. I was surprised, if gratified, at the number of games he was willing to let go.

Many games went free to charity and local friends. A few games even got trashed (gasp).

We were left with a large pile of games (164 to be exact) that he would only bequeath to fellow gamers. Thirty-four games were donated to a local game club that maintains a library.

And the remaining 130 games are being offered for auction at Board Game Geek.

Before the auction ends on 31 October, go to and check out what Santa was giving folks for Christmas this year...

If nothing else, it's an education in what people are willing to pay for the stuff we're willing to let go.


  1. The auction is over and the tally is in:

    Just over $1000. Wow.

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